Getting Over the Fear of Tumbling


It is completely normal to be scared to try tumbling for the first time. Or, maybe you got hurt and getting hurt created the fear. Remember, you can get hurt doing almost anything, and you can not allow the fear to stop you. Here are some things to remember to help you get over your fears:

  • 1. Always be cautious.
  • 2. Do not tumble without a professional there.
  • 3. Use specific equipment provided in a professional gym to learn. For example, a trampoline is an excellent tool to use. It gives you an extra bounce and allows you to get the feeling of how its supposed to feel when you do that trick on the floor. Also, if you fall on a trampoline, is doesn't hurt like it would if you were on the floor.
  • 4. Always stretch before you do anything as stretching helps prevent injuries.
  • 5. Visualize yourself doing the skill. Picture yourself not only completing the trick, but doing it well. Feel what it is like to be in the air and what it is like to land it safely!
  • 6. BE CONFIDENT! Being confident can also help prevent injury as tumbling is at least 50% mental. If you believe you can do it, train hard, and give it your best, chances are you can. So, before you just try something, use your head and ask yourself: "Is this a safe situation for me?" if the answer is yes. GO FOR IT!

5 steps to tumbling

Tumbling is really important in all-star cheerleading. Here are some tips on learning how to!

  • 1. Learn the basics first. You should be able to teach yourself basic skills like bridge, forward roll, and backward roll.
  • 2. Once you know the basics, join an all-star cheer team. They will teach you some skills like cartwheels, round offs, and walkovers.
  • 3.When you're ready to move on, take tumbling or private lessons, where you can learn back handsprings or anything else you think you're ready to learn.
  • 4. Get some equipment and practice at home. But remember, never attempt anything too dangerous our you'll get hurt.
  • 5.Once you're good at tumbling, try auditioning for a talent show, doing individuals, or participating in a tumbling contest. It will help improve your

How long does it take to learn cheer tumble/stunts?

Everyone is different. Some get their back handspring in 2 weeks by practicing everyday. For other people, it may take 5 or 6 months. Other advanced skills can take years. Starting at a younger age helps . Other than that, you just have to have practice a lot and work on your physical strength. . cheerleading is not easy, but nothing that is worth anything is easy .